Introducing: Math Thinking

This blog is intended to serve two purposes, and as such, each post will have one of two main categories: Student thinking and Investigation. The first category is meant to be for any post which captures original (defined quite broadly as thinking which is new to the student, not necessarily to the world) student thinking in mathematics. The second category is for investigations we will share which help students think mathematically. Some posts, like this one, will show both an example of an investigation you could do with your students, and an example of student thinking.

The first example below is quite lengthy, but also a superb example of original student thinking. The objective of the project, in case the student doesn’t make it clear, was to attempt to optimize the travelling distance between 6 to 8 cities chosen by the students. This is the classic travelling salesman problem, in a form that is digestable for students. You can find out more about this project here.

Travelling Salesman project